he following patch notes pertain primarily to Global changes made to all Call of Duty Modern Warfare III titles and those made exclusively to Warzone.

For an overview of changes unique to either Multiplayer or Zombies, please visit the dedicated patch notes here.




Season 4 brings forth a batch of new content across Battle Pass, BlackCell, and Store. This season’s offerings include new Operator Skins with a hazardous glow, plus iconic Gundam Mobile Suits, new Weapon Blueprints, and more.


  • Addressed various issues causing improper first-person animations.


  • Camos can now be equipped on the B.E.A.S.T. Glove Blueprint for the Gladiator.
  • Know No Fear Weapon Decal no longer has a white border while equipped.
  • Equipping the Karaage skin on the MCW Assault Rifle will no longer result in an error. 
  • Fixed an input device exploit allowing unowned Blueprints to be equipped.
  • JAK Glassless Optic is now unlocked as expected upon purchasing a relevant Blueprint.




  • Player Count
    • Increased the player count in Battle Royale modes to 120, up from 100.

In an effort to enhance the Battle Royale experience on Urzikstan, we’ve decided to increase the number of players in each match from 100 to 120. 

Our initial design intent at the launch of Modern Warfare 3 was to focus on mid-game pacing, ensuring a steady and consistent build-up throughout the match. To strike a balance between matchmaking times, client performance, and match pacing, we initially centered our game balance around 100 players. This required extensive revisions and balancing across various aspects of the game, including early game looting, engagement times, weapon damage, armor values, movement mechanics, redeploy mechanics, economy, and strategic and defensive tools. We’re proud to say that overall we’ve been quite pleased with the results over the past few seasons.

That said, player feedback continues to indicate a desire for more action. So with that in mind, we have made the necessary changes to accommodate a higher player count without disrupting the delicate balance we have worked hard to achieve. This time around, these adjustments have been primarily focused around redeploy mechanics and our match economy. 

Gulag tokens now have a low chance to appear in general loot, with specific spawn rates from different chest types and guaranteed availability from Most Wanted and buy stations. Redeploy tokens are now part of a new tier of legendary items and have specific spawn conditions to maintain balance. Additionally, redeploy flares have a controlled spawn rate in legendary chests and other support item locations. 

Our goal with the economy is to make cash more meaningful and create clearer paths for acquiring key items. We’ve slightly reduced the amount of cash found in loot, increased the number of supply boxes, updated the cost of buy station items, and adjusted the rarity of certain items to promote a more engaging and strategic looting experience. 

With all these changes live in Season 4, we aim to deliver a more strategic experience that emphasizes risk-reward while maintaining consistent, action-packed pacing throughout the match. As always, our team will be carefully monitoring internal data as well as external player feedback – and adjustments will be made where necessary as we move forward.




  • Bunkers
    • Unlocked bunkers now have an escape hatch as an alternative exit.
    • New rewards have been added to various locations.
  • Gulag
    • 4 new Gulag layouts have been added:
      • S: Stacked equipment and L-shaped plywood walls with an S-shaped central wall over the circular floor grate.
      • 2: A three-panel curved wall, stacked equipment against two walled sections, and two curved inner walls above the circular floor grate.
      • 3: Stacked equipment against two walled sections, with concrete L-shaped walls around the central circular floor grate.
      • 8: A rectangular concrete barrier wall outside long central section around the central circular floor grate with one plywood wall sprayed with a blue “8”.




  • Buy Back Royale
    • Cash is everything in this returning game mode. With the Gulag is disabled, players will need to make sure they have at least $4,500 when eliminated to afford a Cash Deployment. Cash Deployments close near the end of the match, at which point players are limited to one life regardless of the size of their wallet.
    • Squad Size:
      • Solos
    • Map:
      • Urzikstan
    • Players:
      • 120


For information about upcoming Playlists, please check out the dedicated Warzone Trello Board.



  • Warzone Rewards
    • Along with Daily and Weekly Challenges, players will find a brand new way to earn camos and other exclusive cosmetics unique to Warzone. These are broken down into several categories:
      • Economics: These offer rewards in return for looting and spending Cash at Buy Stations.
      • Contracts: Unlock items for completing different types (and numbers) of Contracts.
      • Social: Interact with enemy players or aid your team to secure more item rewards.
      • Mode: Complete tasks in different game modes, from Battle Royale to Plunder to Resurgence.
      • Champion’s Quest: Is a Champion’s Quest active in your game? Then check these Challenges out!
    • Unlock requirements and progress can be viewed and tracked via a new menu that can be accessed from the Challenges menu or any Warzone playlist lobby.
    • All rewards can be previewed so players can get a look at these exclusive rewards before unlocking them.




  • Champion’s Quest Contract Stealing
    • When a team on the Champion’s Quest contract is fully eliminated, the Champion’s Quest tablet will drop and the first team that interacts with the tablet can now steal the contract and continue the quest.


  • Tac-Sprint Boots
    • Infiltrating any of the accessible bunkers to obtain the Tactical Sprint Boots Perk, which will give you an increase to your base speed and an infinite Tactical Sprint improvement.
    • Do not drop on death
    • Can be found in Bunkers (x1)
    • Correction: Do not reduce fall damage
  •  Specialist Perk Pack
    • This Perk Pack grants you the advantages of the following 29 additional Perks:
      • Perk Slots 1 and 2 (all Perks active): Battle Hardened, Double Time, E.O.D., Focus, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Strong Arm.
      • Perk Slot 3 (all Perks active): Cold-Blooded, Escapist, Payout, Primed, Quick Fix, Resupply, Stalker, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.
      • Perk Slot 4 (all Perks active): Birdseye, Combat Scout, Flex, Ghost, High Alert, Resolute, Shrouded.
    • Available via Buy Station for $30,000
  • Bunker Buster
    • This is a special type of missile that can vertically decimate a building through multiple floors. 
    • After impact it also creates a vertical column of gas that can additionally force people out of cover.
  • Utility Box
    • The Utility Box combines Ammo and Armor Boxes together allowing players to resupply everything ranging from bullets to lethal equipment.
  • Loot Hot Zones
    • Designated points of interest on the map may now be identified as “Loot Hot Zones.”
    • These do not appear on the Tac-Map – rather they must be discovered.
  • Runaway Train Public Event
    • Each Battle Royale match will have a 10% chance of ending in a Runaway Train Public Event. During this end-game event, the safewzone will be the train. The drivable controls are disabled making players strategically work to gain control of the train.
  • Polaris RZR Vehicle
    • The Polaris RZR Pro R, a real-world side-by-side UTV offering immediate acceleration, nimble handling, and rugged durability is now available as a Land Vehicle within Urzikstan. Appearing as “Polaris RZR” on your Tac-Map, this side-by-side differs from the current in-game UTV as it offers a tighter turning circle and handling, better acceleration, three seats and improved fuel economy.



  • Ground Loot Weapons
    • No weapon went unturned in this season’s ground loot weapon update. Players will find updated ground loot builds across every weapon class.
  • Gas Mask Quality of Life
    • The Gas Mask now has a manual, automatic, and semi-automatic setting.
    • A new keybind has been added to allow for manual behavior.
  • Buy Station Improvement Quality of Life
    • Purchased weapons will now drop behind the player to make them easier to distinguish from nearby loot​.


  • Initial Circle
    • The delay time before the initial circle begins to shrink has been increased to 2 minutes, up from 1.

This change will give a bit more time for players to find bunkers and also adjusts match pacing to fit 120 players. 

  • Redeployment Weapons
    • Players will now respawn from Gulag with updated primary and secondary weapons.
  • Gulag Loadouts
    • Updated some primary and secondary Gulag loadout weapons.
    • Adjusted weapon loadouts in the ‘Locked and Loaded’ and ‘Climb and Punishment’ Gulag events.
    • C4 has been removed from Gulag loadouts. 
  • Loot Updates
    • Loot has received a general balance pass. Many items have had their rarity adjusted, making some items more common in ground loot, while other items are exclusively rare in chests.
    • The overall acquisition rate of cash via ground loot and Supply Boxes has been reduced by 50%.
    • The density of ground loot has been reduced by 15%.
    • Supply Boxes
      • Overall frequency increased by 20%.
      • Frequency of basic rarity has been reduced by 9%.
      • Frequency of legendary rarity has been increased by 5%
      • Frequency of reusable rarity has increased by 4%.
    • Gulag Tokens ​
      • Very low chance in general loot​
      • Guaranteed from Most Wanted ​
      • Limited inventory at Buy Station​
    • Redeploy Pack​
      • Doesn’t spawn in general loot​
      • Low chance as reward for Most Wanted​
    • Redeploy Flares ​
      • Low chance in legendary chests ​
      • Lower chance where support items can spawn such as medical cabinets
    • The following legendary items are now exclusive to certain locations:
      • Durable Gas Mask:
        • Bunker Chests
        • Intel Contracts
      • Redeploy Pack:
        • Blacksite
        • Most Wanted
      • Foresight:
        • Bunker Chests
      • Specialist Perk Pack:
        • Buy Stations
  • Buy Station Inventory Update
    • Team Revive
      • $3,000
      • Unlimited
    • Armor Plate
      • $300
      • Unlimited
    • Gas Mask
      • $3,000
      • Unlimited
    • Ammo Box
      • $2,000
      • Unlimited
    • UAV
      • $6,000
      • Unlimited
    • Supply UAV
      • $2,000
      • Unlimited
    • Loadout
      • Variable
      • Unlimited
    • Cluster Strike
      • $4,000
      • 2
    • Precision Airstrike
      • $6,000
      • 2
    • Utility Box
      • $3,000
      • 2
    • Self Revive
      • $4,000
      • 2
    • Portable Radar
      • $2,000
      • 2
    • Mosquito Drone
      • $4,000
      • 2
    • Bunker Buster
      • $4,000
      • 2
    • Gulag Token
      • $4,000
      • 2
    • Specialist
      • $30,000
      • 1


  • Late-Game Circles
    • Circles may now end on a wider variety of locations than before.



  • Superi 46 Submachine Gun
    • This pistol-caliber carbine chambered in 4.6x30mm is designed to give impressive stopping power with a skeletonized, lightweight frame. Exceptionally adaptable, this weapon can be modified to excel in most combat scenarios.
    • Available via Battle Pass Sector 6
  • Kar98k Marksman Rifle
    • This modernized version of a WWII bolt-action rifle is powerful and accurate. High damage output with a slow rate of fire.
    • Available via Battle Pass Sector 5


  • JAK Harbinger Kit
    • Compatibility: M4 Assault Rifle (MWII)
    • This .50 Cal conversion kit for the M4 is an extremely deadly, quick-kill weapon. The slow fire rate, drop in bullet velocity, and a significant increase in recoil will require a careful hand.
  • JAK Gunslinger
    • Compatibility: Basilisk Handgun (MWII)
    • A frame and cylinder conversion that allows the revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition with an exceptional increase to rate of fire and a near instantaneous trigger action. 
  • JAK Volkh
    • Compatibility: KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle (MWIII)
    • A meticulously crafted stock and receiver modification that updates the weapon to fire a two-round burst at minimal MOA dispersion, making every trigger pull count.
  • JAK Scimitar Kit
    • Compatibility: FJX Horus Submachine Gun (MWIII)
    • Improved range and recoil are standard with this aftermarket kit which also unlocks the use of a high-capacity drum mag for the FJX Horus.
  • JAK Thumper-656 
    • Compatibility: RGL-80 Launcher (MWIII)
    • An improved long barrel for an infantry-carried grenade launcher. Fires projectiles at higher velocities and distances. Compatible with a wider variety of launcher projectiles.
  • JAK Requiem 
    • Compatibility: Kastov 762 Assault Rifle (MWII)
    • A counter-balanced rifle system designed to completely eliminate vertical recoil.
  • JAK Decimator 
    • Compatibility: Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun (MWII)
    • This modification allows the Lachmann Shroud to fire in full auto.
  • JAK Intimidator 
    • Compatibility: Renetti Handgun (MWIII)
    • Slow down your fire rate and take more deliberate shots with this modification that changes the Renetti to a single-shot weapon.






  • Decreased movement speed to 4.8m/s, down from 5m/s.
  • Decreased sprint speed to 5.5m/s, down from 5.7m/s.
  • Decreased tactical sprint speed to 6.8m/s, down from 7m/s.
  • JAK Revenger Kit
    • Decreased movement speed to 5.1m/s, down from 5.5m/s.
    • Decreased crouch movement speed to 2.4m/s, down from 2.6m/s.
    • Decreased sprint speed to 5.8m/s, down from 6.2m/s.
    • Decreased tactical sprint speed to 7.1m/s, down from 7.7m/s.
    • Decreased ADS movement speed to 3.1m/s, down from 3.3m/s.


  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 49.53 meters, up from 39.37.
  • Mid Damage Range increased to 60.96 meters, up from 50.8.
  • Lower Arm and Hand Modifiers increased to 1.1x, up from  1x.


  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 50.8 meters, up from 45.72.
  • Leg Modifier increased to 0.95x, up from 0.85x.

SVA 545

  • Mid Damage decreased to 22, down from 24.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.3x, down from 1.4x.


  • Min Damage increased to 22, up from 20.


  • Max Damage Range increased to 40.64 meters, up from 35.56.
  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 50.8 meters, up from 48.26.
  • Headshot Modifier increased to 1.25x, up from 1.2x.


  • Mid Damage Range increased to 57.15 meters, up from 51.81.
  • Arms and Hand Modifiers increased to 1.15x, up from 0.96x.
  • Lower Torso Modifier increased to 1.15x, up from 1x.
  • Leg Modifier increased to 1x, up from 0.96x.


  • Near-Mid Damage increased to 26, up from 24.
  • Arm Modifier increased to 1.15x, up from 1x.
  • Lower Torso Modifier increased to 1.15x, up from 1.1x.


  • Mid Damage increased to 25, up from 24.
  • Min Damage increased to 21, up from 20.
  • Arm Modifier increased to 1.16x, up from 0.95x.





  • Max Damage increased to 29, up from 27.
  • Max Damage Range decreased to 10.66 meters, down from 17.78.
  • Near-Mid Damage increased to 27, up from 25.
  • New Damage Range Added
    • Mid Damage set to 25 
    • Mid Damage Range set to 34.29 meters.


  • Max Damage increased to 28, up from 27.
  • Near-Mid Damage increased to 24, up from 23.
  • Mid Damage increased to 21, up from 19.
  • Min Damage increased to 19, up from 16.
  • Max Damage Range increased to 10.16 meters, up from 7.62.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 1.4x.
  • Arm and Hand Modifiers increased to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Lower Torso Modifier increased to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Leg Modifier increased to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Decreased recoil gun kick to 35.4deg/s, down from 42.5deg/s.
  • No Stock Mod
    • Increased ADS movement speed benefit to 12%, up from 9%.
  • Lopper LX-D Stock
    • Added 3% ADS movement speed penalty.


  • Increased bullet velocity to 500m/s, up from  450m/s.
  • JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion
    • Increased rate of fire to 882rpm, up from 682rpm.


  • Min Damage decreased to 21, down from 23.
  • Max Damage Range decreased to 11.17 meters, down from 12.19.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.25x, down from 1.3x.


  • Max Damage Range decreased to 15.49 meters, down from 18.03.
  • Near-Mid Damage Range decreased to 23.36 meters, down from 26.67.
  • Mid Damage Range decreased to 33.02 meters, down from 38.1.
  • Lower Arm and Hand Modifiers decreased to 1x, down from 1.1x.





  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 1.4x.
  • Decreased bullet velocity to 780m/s, down from 880m/s.


  • Headshot Modifier increased to 1.3x, up from 1.2x.





  • Neck Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 2x.




While our teams are targeting to release Ranked Play Battle Royale before the end of the year, we are not ready to commit to specific timing just yet. We are using the months ahead to fine tune the design of our Ranked Play system to reflect and compliment changes since made to the core Battle Royale experience.

In the interim, we are committed to maintaining a robust competitive scene on our larger map through the ongoing World Series of Warzone program. This program ensures that players continue to have access to high-stakes opportunities as we prepare for the return of Ranked Play Battle Royale later this year. Additionally, given the success of Ranked Play Resurgence, we will continue to dedicate efforts to this mode for upcoming seasons. Our goal is to continue to provide a diverse and fulfilling competitive experience across different modes, all while honing in on the future of Warzone’s competitive landscape.

We understand that the timeline for the return of Ranked Play Battle Royale may be longer than many had hoped. However, we are incredibly excited for the months ahead while we work on bringing this beloved competitive experience back into players hands.



  • New Season 4 Rewards
    • Throughout Season 4, players can earn the following rewards:
      • Kill & Assist Challenges
        • Get 25 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Competitor Weapon Sticker
        • Get 250 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Loading Screen
        • Get 1,000 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo
      • Placement Challenges
        • Place in the Top 7, 25 times: EGO Chall Weapon Decal
        • Place in the Top 5, 25 times: Pro Issue SVA 545 Weapon Blueprint
        • Place 1st: Death Fee Collection Weapon Charm
  • New End of Season Rewards
    • At the end of each Season, players will be awarded Skill Division rewards that represent their highest attained Division that Season or an active placement in the Top 250 Division.
    • Season 4 Division Rewards:
      • Bronze: “WZ Season 4 Bronze” Emblem 
      • Silver: “WZ Season 4 Silver” Emblem 
      • Gold: “WZ Season 4 Gold” Animated Emblem 
      • Platinum: “WZ Season 4 Platinum” Animated Emblem 
      • Diamond: “WZ Season 4 Diamond” Animated Emblem 
      • Crimson: “WZ Season 4 Crimson” Animated Emblem 
      • Iridescent: “WZ Season 4 Iridescent” Animated Emblem 
      • Iridescent: “WZ Season 4 Iridescent” Animated Calling Card 
      • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Calling Card 
      • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Emblem 
      • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Weapon Camo 
      • #1 Overall: “MWIII Season #1 Overall” Animated Calling Card
  • Seasonal Division Operators
    • Seasonal Division Operators: You also earn the Skill Division Operator Skin sets for use with both the CDL Male and Female Operators (for both factions) to represent your highest Skill Division above gold. These Skins are the same as the ones you can unlock in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Ranked Play.



  • Teams that place first in a match will now receive 125 SR, up from 100.
  • Iridescent deployment fees have been reduced by 5 SR.
    • This does not apply to the initial cost bracket when promoted to Iridescent.

We’ve implemented balance adjustments to our SR point system to now place greater emphasis on the match victory. We hope that these adjustments incentivize strategic play and teamwork, over strictly trying to stack eliminations. Our aim is to foster a fair environment for everyone participating in Ranked Play, aligning with our commitment to uphold competitive integrity.


  • Match Stats Quality of Life
    • The new statistics panel from Multiplayer has been adapted to Warzone allowing players to consult their match and weapons statistics during a match. 
    • Match stats are also viewable in the After Action Report (AAR).
  • 3rd Person ParachuteQuality of Life
    • Added a new setting that allows players to see their Operator parachuting from a third person perspective.
  • Squad Widget InfoQuality of Life
    • Icons for armor plates, a gas mask, and killstreaks will now appear under squad member health bars to indicate what they currently have in their inventory.
  • Contract Timer Quality of Life
    • The contract widget will now display a visual timer (bar) indicating the remaining time on the contract.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Resupply perk to have an incorrect secondary description.
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to experience stuttering when moving the cursor on the Tac-Map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused player names to overlap with reward text while completing a Bounty contract.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from pinging the Gulag Entry token in the Buy Station.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tac-Map to display the incorrect reward amount for a contract during a Contractor Event.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to get kicked to the Front End after selecting the ‘View division rewards’ in the ‘Rank & skill division’ tab of the Ranked Play.
  • Fixed an issue that would rarely cause the “pickup” popup on objects to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to be kicked to the front end after selecting “Reset Filter” while editing weapons.
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistencies with the “Squad Fill” option when the player queues with the Play Again.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ranked Resurgence SR Overview menu incorrectly displaying iridescent SR milestone breakpoints.
  • Fixed several occlusion issues allowing players to exploit the map.