Call of Duty Outcast Zen Edition v1.00

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  • Create Date 28 October 2022
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Call of Duty Outcast Zen Edition v1.00

Yet another Official Call of Duty: Cronus Zen script! Introducing OUTCAST v1.00 Zen Edition! From TaylorDrift.Features:

  • Overview:
    • Basic AR / Polar V2 AR / Advanced AR / Rapid Fire / Fire Mods / Misc Mods.
  • Taylor Assist With Collaboration with Hstlr's very OWN Shape Shifting
    • Taylor Assist comes with the usual adjustments (With Fire On Boost and including Taylor Tracking) With some improvements.
  • Hstlr's Shape Shifting
    • The idea with this, is it allows you to choose 3 shapes - you set 2 thresholds of your right stick position before it switches to the next shape - It allows for that LONG RANGE engagement and SHORT RANGE engagement of the choice of shapes you wish to set.
  • BRAND NEW Steady Aim
    • I have finally developed my own Steady Aim which has 2 options - Normal - Adaptive - You have your steady AIM value and your thresholds of where you want steady aim to activate and deactivate !! The idea with adaptive steady aim is that it intimately engages and disengages when you are using it depending on your right stick.
  • New / Improved Ceorin Rotational AA
    • Ceorin's AA is a rotational AA which works from the left stick to engage rotational AA IN game! Ceorin's AA comes packed with some additional features. Boost On Fire to boost your left stick movement when you fire! You can now activate Ceorin Rotational AA with Both Left and Right Stick (Right Stick Option is NEW and really helps stay on target)
  • HoldBreath ( WhatsPopN added a new feature to this which is a delayed addition)
    • You have Instant Hold Breath or Delayed - So you can set how much delay you want when you use it.
  • Brand NEW Button Learning Technology For Both Profiles/QuickToggles AND NOW Mod Activations
    • You can now press the desired buttons for your MOD ACTIVATIONS in the menu
    • Please Read
      • Share/View TO Reset ALL buttons
      • Press Square/X to Change From "&" to an "OR " Depending on how you want to activate the mods.
      • Hold The buttons you want to Assign Press UP/DOWN to cycle through the 3 button Options.
  • Modern Warfare 2
    • 2 versions of Slide Cancel (Standard - Tactical)
    • MattJK's Infinite Tac Sprint (This exploits the tac sprint IN game)
    • Dolphin Jump

As always a massive shout-out to TaylorDrifts Team Executives (and TD21 Team). Remember this script and all TaylorDrift Cronus Scripts are free of charge. Never pay for them.

Heads up! Please beware this script requires Cronus Zen Beta (Firmware and Zen Studio) in order to run the newer 32bit scripts successfully.

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