Call of Duty Insidious Zen Edition Update v1.01

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  • Create Date 7 October 2022
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Call of Duty Insidious Zen Edition Update v1.01

The first official update for Official Call of Duty: Insidious Zen Edition from TaylorDrift.

  • Removed
    • MW2 Mods (MW2 Cancel Slide - Dolphin Dive)
    • Removed Advanced AR (Polar version Only)
    • Removed Speed Boost from V5 and F4D3 AA
  • Rewritten
    • All Anti-Recoil In the script Rewritten / Performed many optimisations in the script
  • New Feature
    • Boost On Fire Added Boost On Fire ( Boost Speed / Boost Radius ) When using Boost On Fire ( If Spiral Enabled ( You have Boost Min - Boost Max ) You can set the amount of boost applied to spiral when using any of the shapes and being in control with a Boost Min / Boost Max Radius however this works with a randomly with you min and max Boost Radius.
      If you don't use Spiral - Boost Max is the only value applied to your Aim Assist when you Fire.
  • Brand New Long Range Mode As you know - the founder of Long Range Mode was in the Competitor Series Scripts! What we have done now have given Long Range Mode an overhaul! This now contains a new aim assist in Long Range Mode - which works great and has some hidden features!
  • Button Learning Technology Now in the script we removed the button choices - all you need to do now is press the button to select the button you want to use. (Slight hold for the button to register) much quicker and easier for you when you set up the script! You use this feature to assign buttons to profiles / quick toggles!
  • Generic Weapon Names Per Profile We added this feature as it was highly requested for those who run my scripts on multiple slots! Now you will be able to track which script is which!
  • Improved Mods
    • ADS and Bumper is now added to Mod Activations to Fire Mods such as:
      • Snake Shot - Crouch Shot - Jump Shot - Insta Drop Snake Shot - Insta Drop - Long Range Mode
        These have been added to Quick Toggles.
    • Fast Melee has 2 options (Automatic - Manual) Automatic means you can activate Fast Melee and press your melee button and release it - and it will continue to melee - Manual means you will hold Melee button to activate!

Everything has been re-worked more or less - and we have many new features for you to use!

As always a massive shout-out to TaylorDrifts Team Executives (and TD21 Team). Remember this script and all TaylorDrift Cronus Scripts are free of charge. Never pay for them.

Heads up! Please beware this script requires Cronus Zen Beta (Firmware and Zen Studio) in order to run the newer 32bit scripts successfully.

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