Official TD21 Sicario Nemesis

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  • Create Date 10 September 2023
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Official TD21 Sicario Nemesis

Sicario Nemesis from the TD21 Team.

Sicario is BACK!! Better than ever and offers the latest smart features just like Project Orion except.... Sicario has some compelling features!

Further more we look at peoples feedback and we analyse it to see where we can improve and innovate our scripts even more!

Sicario has the ability of things Project Orion doesn't have... so let's start with what we have for you in this NEW script.

Weapon Detection System (just like Orion)

AI Assist v 2.0 ( we have seen feedback in regards to AI Assist so we decided to give AI Assist some changes )

As you know we have weapon categories, NOW you can use your aim assist values to your advantage for each of the categories!! Meaning 4 - 5 separate AA values !!!

All you have to do is go into the aim assist settings , change each of the settings of your choice and have them set up for the weapon categories.

To change weapon categories in Sicario when you are in the EDIT menu , Press RB/R1 - LB/L1 for quickly changing through the weapon categories to set your values.

Menu System is more dynamic , offering some improvement for navigation and ease of use

Anti-Recoil has had some refinements in regards to the rumble, you may need slightly higher values than before but this should improve your rumble feedback

This script comes lighter in general , offering a fewer mods / features / no profiles other than the weapon categories and offers better performance overall

Anti - Recoil Includes ( Legacy - Rumble - v3 Legacy - v4 Rumble ) The most basic anti-recoil mods you need.

AI Assist v2.0 - Taylor Assist - Ceorin Rotational AA

Rapid Fire - Drop Shot - Jump Shot - Snake Peak - Bunny Hop - VM Speed Adjustment - HoldBreath - Dynamic Sens - Mnk Parachute Mod

Block Rumble - Swap Touch/Share Button - Quick Toggles

Then all you have to do is configure the script to what you want to use in terms of detection/smart features !!

There you have it guys! Sicario is back!

I hope you guys enjoy this script , I know the @TD21 Team have!!

Here is an answer to a question I know that someone will ask... so make sure you read it!!!

What is the difference between Sicario and Project Orion?

Sicario and Project Orion are 2 different scripts, offering similarities in some features but overall the Sicario is a light version with a much more compelling

feature with having use of separate aim assist values per weapon category and has a much more upgraded version of AI Assist!

This is a slimmed down script for performance and for those who don't need A LOT of mods in the script for their playstyle!



Massive shoutout to TaylorDrift21, the TD21 Team Executives and the whole squad that worked together on this!
Remember this script and all the other fantastic scripts from TD21 are completely free! Please do NOT pay for them. See Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts support article.
Heads up! This script requires both Firmware (v2.2.2) and Zen Studio (v1.5.0 Build 24) Release Version in order to function properly.

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