Taylordrift21 STH Script Configurator

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  • Version 6-1.03
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  • Create Date 5 January 2024
  • Last Updated 12 January 2024

Taylordrift21 STH Script Configurator

The brand new program for Windows PC! The ScottishTryHard Script Configurator. Completely free from TD21.


  • Brand new windows desktop application that allows you to customise the script how you want before programming it.
  • Custom / Presets Controller Layouts - Choose the buttons if you want to use a custom layout or choose any of the presets layouts!
  • Controller Configuration - Choose if you want to use several options such as "Block Rumble , Inverted Crouch Button , Swap Touch / Share"
  • Quick Toggles - Choose the buttons you want to use for the quick toggles we currently have in the STH 6.0 script!
  • Profile / Misc This is where you choose the buttons you want to use for the profiles , if you want to use primary / secondary / custom profile!
  • Custom Name - Name the script whatever you like!
  • Admin Values & Additional Values - This section includes ALL Aim Assist values that you can choose / change for when you generate the script, this allows you to have your own set of default values in the script!
  • PS5 - This section is for PS5 users only, added a brand NEW feature to ScottishTryHard 6.0 which now includes Weapon Detection

The "FAQ" section are instructions you must read these instructions are for the script OLED menu , and PS5 Weapon Detection , these short instructions if you read them will allow you to properly set up the script / IN GAME settings to make sure everything works as it should for you!

There is a donate section where you can donate to TD21 directly if you support the work he does!

Once you have went through the app and you are ready to use the script , simply click on "Generate Script" and this will do 1 of 2 things:

  • App will automatically open ZEN studio and then place the script in the compiler tab ready for you to compile and program!
  • IF ZEN Studio is already opened it will place the script in the compiler tab ready for you to program
    If you keep the app window open whilst this is processing, you will see the progress bar in the bottom right corner.

Known Issues.

  • Investigating issues that are in regards to the flipped layouts in the app (PS5 only when using AI Swapped Triggers)

Massive shoutout to TaylorDrift21, the TD21 Team Executives and the whole squad that worked together on this!
Remember this script and all the other fantastic scripts from TD21 are completely free! Please do NOT pay for them. See Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts support article.
Heads up! This script requires both Firmware (v2.2.2) and Zen Studio (v1.5.0 Build 24) Release Version in order to function properly.

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