ScottishTryHard v2.1 (+ Vanguard)

The ScottishTryHard script has been updated to v2.1 including Vanguard support.

Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard are now included in ScottishTryHardZENEditionOfficialv2.1.

Non-elite users can download via Zen Studio.


Fixed several save Issues with some values not saving correctly.

What is New?

We have implemented the profile button choice back into the script, this was put back in because I seen a lot of users getting confused because it’s always been in any of my scripts.

StrafeShot Has been Added To The QuickToggles & Can now be used Dependant on Profiles

You can now adjust vertical recoil on the fly, Hold ADS and you can choose the 2 buttons you want to increase and decrease the vertical value without the need to go back into the menu.

Brand New: HandGun Mode
When you enter HandGun Mode (Rapid Fire Enables Automatically, AR values will switch – AA values will switch) The AR and AA values YOU can set in the Menu within the HandGun Mode.

The idea of this Mode, is that when you drop in Warzone with a Pistol, you can quickly enable this mode to take on your enemies without the need to adjust values or enabling mods by having to go back in the menu.

Handgun Mode Can be used separately on which ever profile you are on.

ADS + Bumper Activation for Rapid Fire Within HandGun Mode Which we brought over from PRO AIM
This means you use the ADS + Bumper For Rapid Fire IN HandGun Mode ( Antirecoil NOW works with ADS + Bumper)

Vortex Oval Shape is Now Across ALL AA in the Script – Spiral Shape Has Been Improved

Helix Is now Added TO AAV5.
There is NO longer “Min Radius” This has now been removed to optimise Tall Oval – Wide Oval – Vortex Oval – Spiral <

These shapes now remain the same shape no matter how small or how much you move the Right Stick (works much better).

I have made other small changes across the entire script including much more optimisation within the script code (basically most of it is re-written).

Take care everyone and as always thanks to all the support you’re all a great people/community!