Running any website isn’t cheap with our many resources which include images and downloads (.gpc) and combined with heavy traffic and high bandwidth every month.

Because of this donations are much appreciated but aren’t required. We are transparent about our fees an service costs. When you donate via Buymeacoffee you unlock a exclusive name colour within Discord.

How much does it cost to use LethalPanda.

Absolutely nothing! Our website is free to use and browse including downloading scripts. However, you can unlock additional features such as ad-free experience, exclusive scripts and more by subscribing to Elite Membership.

Do you display adverts.

We do place advertisements around our website to lower the costs/fees. However with enough donations and/or Elite members we can remove adverts completely. You can unlock features which include Ad-free by subscribing to Elite Membership. Learn more about advertising on LethalPanda.

We also offer an Ad-free only plan for just $0.79/month which helps support

Adverts? We can just use AdBlock.

Absolutely! In fact many people use Adblock when browsing the Internet.

However, we would really appreciate and kindly ask you to whitelist our website. This helps our website to remain free and fund new features, time and pay our providers.

Making a donation.

You can show your appreciation for and support future development by donating.

If you wish to donate via PayPal or CashApp please message “ccancellation” via Discord or email us for those important details.

We strongly feel that our site and downloads and everything should remain free of charge as our gift to the gaming community. Of course we appreciate any amount. You can find out more about making a donation via the website Buymeacoffee.

Running costs and service fees.

Our running costs are around £150 GBP (roughly $190 USD / $288 AUD / $255 CAD) a calendar month.

This mainly covers: Dedicated Server, SendInBlue (Email), Cloudflare (CDN), KeyCDN (CDN) and WordPress Plugins (such as SMTP Pro). Funded and managed by Cancellation himself.

Based on our current growth we’re expecting a 4% increase by Q2 2024 down from 15.34% increase in Q1 2023. Exchange rates correct as of 21 January 2024.

We want you to know when links are affiliated.

Unlike many sites that use affiliate links, from the very first time we used them we were always deliberate about including an * after every one.

This is so you know which links contribute to the main site and which don’t, so you can make your own decision. We hope you will choose the ones that help pay for the huge resources our website uses.

Occasionally, this means you’ll go to one of the comparison services’ landing pages to get the product. However, the product itself will be the same – or possibly even better – and you shouldn’t notice a difference in any way.

In other words, if there’s a link to because it’s the cheapest provider, and has an *, you’ll go through directly and we may get some money. If it doesn’t have an * you’ll go through directly and we won’t make money. That’s the only difference.