Ah, TaylorDrift scripts! The GPC 🐐 this page aims to feature some of the amazing work from TaylorDrift21 for the Cronus Zen community.

The best part? They are all completely free! Need help? See TaylorDrift User Guides.

See Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts support article.

Shoutout to TaylorDrift21, the TD21 Team Executives and the whole squad that worked together on these.
Remember this script and all the other fantastic scripts from TD21 are completely free! Please do NOT pay for them.


TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard v2.2 103KB 110 downloads

The all new updated ScottishTryHard v2.2 …

TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard v2.1 100KB 70 downloads

The all new updated ScottishTryHard v2.1 – Release notes here. https://lethalpanda.com/scottishtryhard-v2-1-vanguard/ …

TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard 95KB 153 downloads

ScottishTryHard from TaylorDrift. …