When getting in touch with our customer service team, you agree to the following additional terms (along side our standard boring legal stuff).

  • If you have an active Elite Membership Subscription you get access to priority support, so use this form instead for a faster response.

  • If you need to cancel your membership it’s much quicker to cancel this yourself. Our support team are unable to cancel it for you due to third-party limits with our system.

  • Be advised this form will go to our website’s customer service team and developer – not LethalPanda. He doesn’t see this.

  • LethalPanda reserves the right to hold tickets and the information within the ticket in our system encase of any further requests are needed. Ticket data can be held until deleted. Information may be used to help debug and/or fix issue(s) found within our service or provide support and deal with DMCA notices.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to answer any tickets which are submitted to us. We only need to provide information in which we wish to offer. Disclosed information and other data which may be requested can be rejected.

  • We offer our contact form to users in which have used or purchased our service. We may ask for you to provide details in which will help us resolve your issue.
    We will never ask for passwords! The ticket must contain be related to one of our services. If you choose an incorrect service and talk about another service/website your ticket will be left to confusion when assigning the correct support member.

  • LethalPanda customer service can only deal with genuine issues relating to LethalPanda.com (or Elite). We’re unable to provide third-party support for services directly from LethalPanda himself (such as spreadsheets or one-on-one help – please contact Lethal via Podia).

  • Please keep in mind we can only provide support in English. Tickets submitted it any other languages will automatically be closed without notice unfortunately.

  • Our estimated response time is 72 hours (12 hours for members with an active Elite Membership Subscription) excluding public bank holidays.
Don’t confuse the Elite Membership with the Podia Service (spreadsheets and one-on-one help). This is a separate service. I (Cancellation) have no control over spreadsheets and no access to Podia so will not be able to cancel, modify or edit your membership or provide help/support with this. I just manage the Website/Discord.