Call of Duty Outcast Zen Edition v1.04 Update

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  • Create Date 12 November 2022
  • Last Updated 12 November 2022

Call of Duty Outcast Zen Edition v1.04 Update

TaylorDrift's OUTCAST script has been updated. v1.04 has arrived following v1.03's drop.

How to update?

Start by making sure you've the latest version of Zen Studio (v1.2.1 Beta 119) and Firmware (v2.1.0 Beta.41) and then follow the Cronus Zen Studio Beta Update Procedure. After this Sync the GPC script to Zen Studio as normal.



  • Fixed Ceorin AA when using it with Legacy/Rumble AR and Advanced AR
  • Fixed Ceorin AA when deselecting Right Stick it would still plot Tartan ( both with TAA )
    Ceorin AA can be used with TAA if using the right stick of Ceorin AA however TAA will override the right stick - best to use with Left Stick only if used with TAA.
  • Fixed Taylor Tracking Speed not saving above 10. Fixed get_polar() ANGLE which was used on some shapes in Taylor Assist
  • Fixed MW2 Drop Shot Mod Activation ( Ads & Fire & Crouch) there was a slight delay before MW2 drop shot activated. Now improved with this option Removed Profiles Options for Mod Activations (they weren't needed)
  • Fixed Steady Aim Value not saving over the value of 20


  • Ceorin Lethal Cancel Slide Option MW2
  • Changed/improved Standard Cancel Slide MW2
  • Added MW2 Snake Shot Mod Activation
  • Added Akimbo Rapid Fire ( Semi - Auto Options )
  • Added Akimbo Rapid Fire Quick Toggle
  • Added ADS + Bumper TO Antirecoil / Aim Assist Mod Activations
  • Added Additional Options for MW2 Snake Shot ( mod activations)
  • Added Quick Scope Cancel


  • Added NEW Shape To Taylor Assist / Hstlr Shape Shifter (Infinity)
  • Added Dynamic Small to Taylor Tracking
  • Added Dynamic Big to Taylor Tracking
  • Added Standard to Taylor Tracking

As always a massive shout-out to TaylorDrifts Team Executives (and TD21 Team). Remember this script and all TaylorDrift Cronus Scripts are free of charge. Never pay for them.

Heads up! Please beware this script requires Cronus Zen Beta (Firmware and Zen Studio) in order to run the newer 32bit scripts successfully.

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