Official Call of Duty Competitor 3.0 EVO Zen Edition v1.01

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  • Version 1.01
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  • Create Date 30 August 2022
  • Last Updated 30 August 2022

Official Call of Duty Competitor 3.0 EVO Zen Edition v1.01

Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed Polar v2 AR for inverted players, deadzone was not applied if you were using negative vertical values thus causing
  • a lot of inconsistent recoil when using Legacy / Rumble .
  • Fixed Polar v2 AR Legacy - The boost strength was not being applied to Legacy AR - Now fixed .
  • Fixed Recoil Mode ( Showing Taylor Shapes )
  • Fixed/adjusted Boost Time adjustment in the menu
  • Fixed/adjusted Strafe Time adjustment in the menu


  • We have added more button choices to LR mode / Profiles / Quick Toggles - you now have more buttons to choose from!
  • We have added an Invert Toggle in Controller Settings in the menu , if you play inverted enable this!
  • Whilst using inverted you would still use negative values like before, the inverted toggle is so that the deadzone is inverted
  • for you.
  • Improved Inverted Deadzone Compensation - (inverted users only)
  • Basic Rumble AR - Polar v2 rumble AR - have been improved for inverted players!
  • Polar v2 AR ( Legacy/Rumble ) - We have improved this so when you are under your deadzone threshold your vertical value
  • will still be applied ( Previously this may have caused some inconsistency )
  • Changed Batts Aim Assist Mod Activation for default which is now (Ads & fire or Fire Only)
  • Batts Aim Assist is now included on the Long Range Mode For Both FADE AA and Batts
  • FADE AA has been improved for Long Range Mode

As always a massive shout-out to TaylorDrift (and his talented team). Remember this script and all TaylorDrift Cronus Scripts are free of charge. Never pay for them.

Heads up! Please beware this script requires Cronus Zen Beta (Firmware and Zen Studio) in order to run the newer 32bit scripts successfully.

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