HighWater MWII Update

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  • Create Date 13 February 2023
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HighWater MWII Update

  • No finding values, just put in your sensitivity and go. As plug and play as you can get for anti recoil. I tested 1-20 sens, responce curves, ads multiplier, all good.
  • Auto detects guns. Will apply anti recoil and rapid fire when needed.
  • Jump peak. break peoples cameras with ease.
  • Smart snake
  • New aim assist and rotational assist
  • Custom layout
  • Ability to fine tune recoil if you want on a per gun basis. it all saves
  • Profiles set the primary and secondary you want to use, theres no code to track it since its auto detecting
  • Most of the other mods you'll see for MW2, improved.
  • New custom menu.
  • Game mode select, will enable/disable some mods so you can keep all the mods on that you like.

Hold ADS + long hold SHARE you get to the gun smith and you can adjust individual guns or the categories x and y anti recoil use this to fine tune your categories or weapons

Hold ADS + medium hold SHARE you can set profiles TOUCH + R1 or L1 to select the profiles Assault and Battle are the same category.

Don't use two guns in a profile from the same category. when you're using a profile you'll see the gun show on screen when firing.

You're going to want to have auto tac sprint enabled in game.

As always a massive shout-out to TaylorDrift21, TaylorDrift21 Team Executives and the whole TD21 Team. Remember this script and all TaylorDrift21 Cronus Scripts are free of charge. Never pay for them.

Heads up! Please beware this script requires Cronus Zen Beta (Firmware and Zen Studio) in order to run the newer 32bit scripts successfully.

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