ScottishTryHard 5 v1.01 Update

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  • Version 1.01
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  • Create Date 22 January 2023
  • Last Updated 13 September 2023

ScottishTryHard 5 v1.01 Update

A fresh update to the ScottishTryHard 5 script has been released, this is for ScottishTryHard script.

How to update?

Start by making sure you've the latest version of Zen Studio (v1.2.1 Beta 119) and Firmware (2.1.0-beta.43) and then follow the Cronus Zen Studio Beta Update Procedure. After this Sync the GPC script to Zen Studio as normal.


  • Profile Button fixed (This is where profile button was blocked in game if you used the profile switch)
  • Removed Dolphin Jump
  • Removed Lethal/OG Slide Cancel
  • Fixed Polar v2 Anti Recoil with some slight improvements
  • Fixed Polar v2 Rumble Boost Time not resetting upon releasing of Fire
  • Removed Ceorin AA Boost on Fire
  • Removed Right Stick Option For Ceorin AA
  • Ceorin AA now has been improved by using Polar Coordinates for the Left Stick

    • You can now choose any of 5 shapes for your left stick to activate Rotational Aim Assist In Game.
    • Ceorin AA Speed (Now works like Taylor Assist Speed) Higher means faster, Lower means slower

  • Ceorin AA Left Stick Shapes

    • Helix, Kitt, V.Flare, Tartan, Infinity, Circle, Helix - Tartan the speed of these shapes are now controllable via your Rotational Speed.

  • Taylor Assist now works in conjunction with the VM speed (This means it's more accurate timings with Taylor Assist Speed / Tracking Speed)
  • All Admin Present Values that you can choose from have been updated in conjunction with specific changes made to the Aim Assist.
  • Added Silent Shot Quick Toggle
  • Fixed Rapid Fire Mod Activations ( Fire Only was causing issues)
  • Fixed Horizontal When using Rapid Fire (with Anti Recoil option) The horizontal value was previously being applied if you used Anti Recoil prior to Rapid Fire and Anti Recoil
  • Fixed Anti Recoil mod activation when using with Rapid Fire option , Previously the Anti Recoil mod activation would take priority so this meant if you used "Fire Only" for rapid Fire this meant Anti Recoil was not applying ( if you used Anti Recoil with Rapid Fire ) - Rapid Fire Mod activation now takes priority when using Anti Recoil within Rapid Fire.
  • Added the PS4 Touch/Share Swap Toggle in the menu (if you use a PlayStation Controller on Xbox Console)
  • Added Customisable RGB Led Lights , this means you can now choose your OWN LED colour for each of the profiles.

    • To choose your RGB colour for profiles - Simply Move your Right Stick from 0 to 360 degrees ( circular motion ) and once you have decided on a colour hold your right stick and press your right stick down (R3/RS) to set the colour for the profile! Then press Triangle to change profile and repeat the process, if you decide you want to reset your colour all you need to do is press Square/X and that's it! That is how easy it is!

Massive shoutout to TaylorDrift21, the TD21 Team Executives and the whole squad that worked together on this!
Remember this script and all the other fantastic scripts from TD21 are completely free! Please do NOT pay for them. See Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts support article.
Heads up! This script requires both Firmware (v2.2.2) and Zen Studio (v1.5.0 Build 24) Release Version in order to function properly.

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