TD21 MW3 BETA Update Cronus Zen Script

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  • Version 1.01
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  • Create Date 15 October 2023
  • Last Updated 15 October 2023

TD21 MW3 BETA Update Cronus Zen Script


  • Stick Drift Removal: Alleviates joystick drift for enhanced aiming accuracy.
  • Cancel Slide: Enables the cancellation of the slide manoeuvre.
  • Reload Cancel: Permits interruption of the reloading sequence for faster gameplay.
  • Improved Burpee Shot - Crouch Shot: Optimizes shooting in transitional stances like standing to crouching.
  • Multiple Aim Assists: Incorporates TDAA, Predator AA, Ceorin AA, and Eradicator AA for refined target acquisition.
  • Rapid Fire - Jump Shot: Facilitates quick firing while performing jump shots.
  • Hold Breath - VM Speed Adjustment: Allows steadier aim through breath-holding and customizable movement speed.
  • Custom Controller Layouts: Features pre-configured and customizable layouts with deadzone adjustments for both right and left sticks, along with rumble intensity settings.
  • 3x Profiles: Provides three user profiles to accommodate different gaming styles.
  • Quick Toggles: Quick access to various settings through toggle options.

v1.01 Notes

  • Cancel Slide Adjustments:
    Reduced accidental activations by refining activation conditions. Introduced a way to prevent Cancel Slide activation by holding ADS and Crouch.
  • Increased the activation threshold for the left stick for Cancel Slide.

Important Information

The script will be discontinued after the MW3 beta period concludes.

Ongoing beta testing will guide future enhancements and features.

Thank you for your participation in the beta. We have substantial future plans influenced by the insights from this beta phase. Stay tuned for more updates.

Massive shoutout to TaylorDrift21, the TD21 Team Executives and the whole squad that worked together on this!
Remember this script and all the other fantastic scripts from TD21 are completely free! Please do NOT pay for them. See Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts support article.
Heads up! This script requires both Firmware (v2.2.2) and Zen Studio (v1.5.0 Build 24) Release Version in order to function properly.

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