Heads up! Please be advised this page is new and work in progress (WIP).

Items marked with the [Adjustable] tag mean you will need to adjust these values based on the weapon’s recoil. Remember with scripts you need to shoot at bodies (not walls) recoil will act differently when shooting at someone vs a wall. This works best in the pre-lobby before match begins.

Aim Assist Settings

Taylor Assist
Ads Or Fire
TD21 v3
ONAA Type: Circular
Curve: Dynamic
Shape: Circle
Radius: 14
ADS Speed: 24
Speed: 33
Spiral: Off
Boost On Fire: Off
Tracking: On (Size 4 Speed 10)
Tracking: Dynamic Big
Ceorin AALeft Stick OnlyRotation Size: 19
Rotation Speed: 29
Boost On Fire: Off

Anti Recoil Settings

RPKV: 19 H: 0Polarfire-S (↕+1.35 ↔+0.45) | 7.62 High Velocity (↕+0.7 ↔+9) |
Aim OP-V4 (↕-3.0 ↔+1.65) | FTAC Ripper 56 (↕+0.65 ↔+0.4) |
Demo-X2 Grip (↕+0.48 ↔+0.2)
Ads & Fire
Rolar v2.0 (Rumble)
X12V: 8 H: -1Akimbo X12 | FT Steel Fire (↕+1.4 ↔+1.0) | XRX Sidewinder (↕+0.5 ↔+0.4) |
XRX Lighting Fire (↕+0.18 ↔-0.1) | 1mw Pistol Laser | Akimbo
Ads + Fire & Fire
Rolar v2.0 (Rumble)
Akimbo RF: Auto (25 RPS)
VaznevV: 11 H: 0Lockshot KT85 (+0.34 +0.35) | True-Tac Grip (+1.0 +0.16) |
Markeev R7 Stock (-1.94 +1.47) | 45 Round Mag | Corio LAZ-44 V3
Ads & Fire
Rolar v2.0 (Rumble)

Personal Preference

The following options are all personal preference and based on what you need, use or like. Plus what your console and/or PC can handle.

Using different in-game settings will result in different values to any value marked with the [Adjustable] tag. Below you can find my current Controller settings. If you use different values you will need to adjust them based on weapon shooting.
Field of view (FoV)118
How to calculate deadzone
Stick Sensitivity6 – 6
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier.85