Welcome to LethalPanda.com Version 2!

Welcome to the all new and improved LethalPanda.com website! The official home of LethalPanda. Lethal Panda is an online digital content creator for the Collective Minds Strike Pack, Eliminator and Cronus Zen.

We hope you enjoyed the all new and improved experience. Like all new launches you may run into some broken stuff (mainly broken links)! Please do report them to us in the Discord Server so we can iron out the kinks ASAP.


  • The website has been redesigned
  • We moved to a open-source CMS known as WordPress – For easier editing and use! #NoMoreCoding
  • Some of the new website features include:
    • Responsive design
    • Multiple colours (Elite feature)
    • All recent YouTube videos will now automatically show on the home page!
    • Improved Elite features
    • You can now leave comments on posts/articles (Must be logged in via Panda ID)
    • Posts
    • Tagging
    • Download Manager (Including upcoming Elite NBA2K scripts)
    • The all new “Panda ID” allowing you to register, login and unlock extra website features! Elite Perks included.
    • Newsletter
    • Compare Devices (Added CronusMAX PLUS)


  • We’ve made the decision to shutdown the Community. Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way we hoped and planned to use. However, all NBA2K scripts remain on the new Download Manager (see above).


  • n/a

Huge THANK YOU to all Elite members that help test v2 over a 2 week early access period! You’re all true legends.