Welcome to the new page: TaylorDrift Scripts! This page aims to showcase all the amazing scripts TaylorDrift has ever created for Cronus Zen!

The best part? They are all completely free! Need help? See TaylorDrift User Guides.


Taylordrift Ultimate FPS Killer v1.03 106KB 74 downloads

The brand new Ultimate FPS Killer from Taylordrift. …

TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard v2.2 103KB 61 downloads

The all new updated ScottishTryHard v2.2 …

TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard v2.1 100KB 40 downloads

The all new updated ScottishTryHard v2.1 – Release notes here. https://lethalpanda.com/scottishtryhard-v2-1-vanguard/ …

TaylorDrift ScottishTryHard 95KB 99 downloads

ScottishTryHard from TaylorDrift. …