This page contains the Modern Warfare Tournament Rules about the gameplay and player behaviour within our tournaments. The main thing to remember is to play with respect for your opponent and fellow players.

We have tried to include rules for all situations that might arise but sometimes assistance might be needed and if this is the case, send a message on via our Online Form or via Discord.

Every player has to be aware of the behaviour guidelines and online tournament rules.

  • Game schedules will be posted on the Call of Duty Tournament page and in Discord before the tournament starts.
  • We will work under the assumption that each participant is aware of all the rules and checks them regularly although significant rule changes will be communicated. A lack of knowledge of the Call of Duty Tournament Rules will not be used as an excuse for rule-breaking.
  • Players who take part are required to play with the Activision ID they have specified. In the event another account is going to be used, submit this to us at the earliest opportunity.
  • Every participant is required to be online in the Discord chat for live updates.
  • Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.
  • Players found breaking the rules will be penalised. The exact punishment will be decided by us. Examples of punishments are a 2-0 loss, replay, penalty points, exiting the tournament early, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
  • If there are suspicions that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to us as soon as possible, before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem i.e. The beginning of the game.
  • Squads can consist of between 4-8 players and substitutes should be named in advance of the tournament.


  • All participants must check-in 20 minutes before play starts. This should be done via the Discord. Players who do not check-in within a minimum of 5 minutes cannot be guaranteed a match.
  • The match schedule will be communicated to players in advance.
  • The team who plays ‘home’ is responsible for starting a match.
  • Both team captains are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.
  • Both team captains are required to take at least one photo of the score each. This photo should contain: the score and the gamertags. You can also livestream and capture or link to VOD/clip.
  • If both teams are ready, play can start before the scheduled time however additional in-play breaks will not be permitted in-game.
  • When your next round is available in the schedule, you have to start directly. If the round doesn’t start in 15 minutes, the team that doesn’t show up in time will lose that round.
  • Each team has to register with us in order to participate, this can be coordinated by a team captain.
  • When an online tournament is organised for teams, only the main player needs to register for the tournament but they then assume captaincy and responsibility for the rest of their team. The exact number of matches and tournament format will be dictated by the number of teams entering and will be communicated to all teams in advance. The organiser reserves the right to add or remove players or teams throughout the tournament in accordance with the Call of Duty Tournament Rules.

Score Reporting

  • At least one of the team captains must notify us of the score after finishing the game.
  • All players are encouraged to take a picture of the result. This photo should contain: the score and the gamertags.
  • Team Captains need to report the scores within ten minutes after the end of the match.
  • Players disputing a match score must have a picture to evidence their claims.
  • When all players report no score or when needed proof of the score, both teams may be disqualified.
  • When the score of the teams does not match there will be an investigation. Once the investigation has been completed the decision about what score is awarded ultimately rests with us. We take conflict seriously and want to provide the best experience for all of our players.
  • If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player or team in question may immediately get excluded from all of our events.
  • When there is no admin present at a match conflict, the solution to the conflict between two participants will be postponed until another admin will be online.


  • All participants must treat each other and the organisation with respect in accordance with the Call of Duty Tournament Rules.
  • When a participant has displayed hurtful, offensive or racist expressions towards his/her opponent, they may be immediately disqualified and disciplinary measures will be taken.
  • Bad language and/or threats against the Admin results in an instant disqualification.
  • In cases of fraudulent activity or players caught cheating, a participant will be disqualified immediately and disciplinary measures will be taken.
  • All participants are treated the same way by us. When found breaking the rules, it will be at the discretion of Lethal Panda HQ as to the punishment and will be delivered consistently and fairly to all players whilst be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Should a player purposefully disconnect during a match on more than one occasion disciplinary measures will be taken.
  • The use of the following programs is considered cheating:
    • Multi-hacks
    • Wallhack
    • Aim-bot
    • (PS: Cronus Zen and Strike Pack are allowed – It’s who we are!)
  • These are only examples, other programs or methods may be considered cheats as well.


  • Restricted Weapons
    • Primary
      • TBA
    • Secondary
      • TBA
  • Restricted Attachments
    • TBA
  • Restricted Kill Streaks
    • TBA
  • Restricted Equipment
    • TBA
  • Restricted Field Upgrades
    • TBA
  • Restricted Perks
    • Perk 2: Tempered
    • Perk 3: Combat Scout
  • Restricted Operators/Skins
    • Roze
    • Mil-sim
    • Iskra Whitechapel

Prize Pool

The current prize pool is still being considered. We aren’t rich or got sponsors like the big dogs so we won’t be offering $100K unfortunately!

We suspect it will all come down to the number of players joining us. $100 gift-card maybe?

Should you have any queries on our Call of Duty Tournament Rules just drop us a message.