Call of Duty: Cold War Season Six – Community GamePack v3.2

Call of Duty: Cold War Season Six – Community GamePack v3.2.

The GamePack is now live and available to download in Zen Studio for free.

Overview: Fixed a number of issues, added new weapons, improve several functions, and add great new features.

Version 4.6

The following weapons have been recalibrated to be compatible with the latest game patch:

Added Grav Assault Rifle
Added .410 Ironhide Shotgun
Added Xbox Crossover support for PlayStation Controllers
Adjusted MP5 Recoil Pattern
Adjusted Slide Cancel, the hop at the end of the slide has been removed
Adjusted AK47 Recoil Pattern
Adjusted Groza Recoil Pattern
Adjusted EM2 Recoil Pattern
Adjusted Milano Recoil Pattern
Reverted AK74u recoil pattern
Fixed rare issue that could cause Mod Menu options to display blank
Weapon choices using the Weapon Selection Menu Jump Toggle are now restricted to the selected category.

The new recoil system supports much greater accuracy and capabilities.

For full GamePack overview see: