Cronus Zen Firmware – Beta Changelog

  • Official PS Remote Play Support (PS5 & PS4)
  • New 32bit GPC interpreter
  • DualShock 4 Audio now supported over Bluetooth
  • Support for PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Xbox Series X/S Controller
  • Support for PowerA Spectra Xbox Series X/S Controller
  • Support for Razer Wolverine v2 Xbox Series X/S Controller
  • Path to rumble on Switch controllers from the interpreter
  • Mouse & Keyboard detection
  • Toggle to activate MK profiles
  • Several Xbox One controller issues
  • Block XB1 share for a non 1914 controller
  • Support for 2 channel mics on the PS4
  • Xbox One Audio on Nintendo Switch
  • PS5 DualSense Adaptive Triggers support with official PS Remote Play
  • — Beta 6 / Feb 11th 2022 —
  • Added random(min,max) will now work also in case of random(max,min)
  • Fixed Issue with Joycon left not working with MK on Bluetooth
  • Stability Improvements
  • brtime being capped to INT16_MAX
  • ResetDevice command
  • Navcon and Joycon left to MK cfg activation
  • — v2.1.0 Beta 16 – Feb 25th 2022 —
  • Added GPC errors will no longer display E2XXX error codes. You will now be returned you to slot 0 where it will display the error message. Your Zen will not crash and you will be able to continue playing without having to reset.
  • Fixed XB1 Share button spamming when using MK.
  • General stability improvements

v2.1.0 Beta.22 – May 2nd 2022.

  • Fixed – Elites S2 Paddles mapped with the Xbox are now working with the new controller firmware (Note: You can longer use GPC script to independently control the paddles. If you still wish to use GPC scripting for the paddles, you need to revert the Elite S2 controller firmware back to 4.8.1908.0).
  • Fixed – Issue with PS5 DualSense Mic in crossover.
  • Fixed – Issue where PS5 DualSense controller in A2/A3 with no headset would not pull audio from a DualShock 4 v2 in A1 with headset.
  • Fixed – DualShock 4 (Bluetooth) always switching Switch Emulator to audio mode even with no headset.
  • Added – Support for PS5 DualSense volume control.
  • Improved – Boosted Xbox One audio volume to DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers.
  • Fixed – Issue with Build & Run.
  • Fixed – GPC_OP_GPOLAR is now working correctly.
  • Fixed – GPC_OP_GRUMBLE is now working correctly.
  • Added – GPC_OP_SWITCH to interpreter.
  • Added – Bluetooth Clear function (see Device Tab in Zen Studio)

v2.1.0 – Beta 35 (12th July 2022)

v2.1.0 – Beta 41 (2nd Nov 2022)

v2.1.0 Beta.43 – November 10th 2022

  • Fixed: Xbox Wireless Adapter bug fixed.

v2.1.0 Beta.47 – February 3rd 2023

  • Added: DualSense Edge Controller support added (USB Only).

v2.1.0 Beta.50 – March 20th 2023

  • Fixed: DualSense Bluetooth issues.
  • Fixed: PS4 and PS5 mirror passing through input in error.
  • Added: Support for DualSense Edge Bluetooth enumeration.
  • Added: Support for Hori OCTA
  • Fixed: PS5 Gyros in remote.

v2.1.0 Beta.68 – May 12th 2023

  • Support for the PS5 console
  • Fixed Support for DualSense Controllers (USB)
  • Fixed Various optimizations.

v2.2.0 – November 30th 2023

  • Upgraded support for the PlayStation 5 console.
  • Added Upgraded USB support for DualSense Controllers.
  • Added New Bluetooth support for DualSense controllers.
  • Added Support for Zen Studio v1.5.0 and above.

Beta versions of firmware and software may be unstable and have a few minor problems, known as bugs. A condition of joining the program is that you agree to share feedback about any bugs you find and help the team test, diagnose and resolve these bugs and any other issues that you, and others may find.

Don’t be surprised if you’re banned from the beta if you’re inexperienced and have no idea what you’re doing.