Cronus Zen Studio – Beta Changelog

  • New Mouse & Keyboard Settings Tab with a huge range of new & powerful features including Ballistic Curves, HIP & ADS profiles and 4 AUX profiles each with their own settings and key binds.
  • Memory slots are now measured by memory space up to a massive 64k per script or GamePack – double the size that was previously available.
  • Added PIO_SWITCH (Enum 6)
  • PS Remote Feature – Now supports the Sony PS Remote Play PC Software.
  • Disable Output Protocol when PS Remote Play is checked.
  • Added command (CTRL / + and CTRL / -) to increase/decrease GPC editor font size (must be in an opened GPC script)
  • Compiler font size is now 7 to 20.
  • Added support to switch to a 16bit compiler with optimizations. All scripts must be closed to switch.
  • MK Settings ADS profile now accepts Deactivation Buttons. Example: Set Fire button to activate AUX1 which has a lower mouse sensitivity, set ADS deactivate button to Fire button. Now when you ADS and Fire, AUX1 will activate.
  • Recover unsaved GPC in case of Windows restart/crash.
  • GamePack size displayed in GamePack details.
  • Device Monitor Shortcut (F3)
  • Memory slot programming speed is now 5x faster.
  • Multiple GUI fixes and tweaks.
  • GPC Clean – Correctly format GPC layout with the touch of a button. Shortcut (F6) Undo (Ctrl+F6)
  • — v1.2.1 Beta 13 – Feb 11th 2022 —
  • Added Support for ResetDevice command
  • Added ResetDevice icon in Device Tab
  • Added now when setting PS4 Speciality or PS Remote the device will be reset automatically
  • Fixed missing case for GENERIC label load when loading a profile. (This fixed the empty MOUSEKEY assignment when opening the M&K Tab or loading a profile)
  • Fixed 32bit SPVARS causing slot not to be loaded correctly
  • Fixed issue when swapping slots
  • Fixed missing keyboard buttons 1 to 0 not showing as assigned when viewing Keyboard Layout
  • Fixed available flash size after synchronizing missing local scripts
  • Fixed text overflow when listening to assignment
  • Improved communication retries in case of bad device response
  • — v1.2.1 Beta 25 – Feb 15th 2022 —
  • Added find Device button in Device Tab.
  • Zen Studio will now check for new beta updates. It’ll prompt you to download from the Beta #resources channel.
  • Fixed changed device status check method.
  • Fixed changed logic for ResetDevice.
  • Various GUI and stability fixes
  • — v1.2.1 Beta 37 – Feb 25th 2022 —
  • Fixed Gpc compiler issue.
  • Added Search device will now invoke FindDevice even if device is unresponsive.
  • Fixed GpcScript GO TO column.
  • Fixed GpcScript GO TO window size not showing all options.
  • Fixed Connected BT devices not showing in DeviceMonitor.
  • Added Now you need to click the Refresh icon if you plug/unplug a device from Zen in order to update the connected devices tree.
  • General stability improvements.
  • — v1.2.1 Beta 40 – Feb 26th 2022 —
  • Fixed bug that may occur when flashing some scripts.
  • Added Local directories refresh button
  • Fixed GO TO Gpc Editor when selecting start of line option.

v1.2.1 Beta 88 – May 2nd 2022.

  • Fixed Issue when GamePack/Scripts sync occurs
  • Fixed Issue with GamePacks cached list
  • Fixed Cached YouTube links not showing when clicking PRO GamePacks
  • Fixed The compiler will now track possible overflow or underflow errors
  • Added Support for the continue keyword in loops
  • Fixed Issue with inc/dec issue in if statement.
  • Fixed Issue with binary operators.
  • Added Zen server status is now shown on status bar. Clicking the status bar label will perform the check again
  • Added Button to copy current device/software details to clipboard (Help > About Zen Studio…)
  • Improved Replaced Find Device Icon with a better one
  • Improved Multiple GUI fixes, enhancements and stability improvements
  • Improved Various compiler optimizations
  • Fixed SPVARS not loading after GamePack sync occurs (on APPDATA delete or PC change)
  • Added Scrollable layout for low resolution monitors
  • Improved Ballistic Curve buttons order
  • Fixed GPC editor GOTO logic (finally)
  • Fixed Issue with flashing some GPC scripts
  • Fixed MAX MAPPER not exiting API MODE on close causing no output to be sent
  • Added Append InGameSettingsFlyoutText when exporting M&K .bin layout
  • Added Switch Case statement.
  • Added Enum data definition
  • Added Bluetooth clear button – Check instructions here.

v1.2.1 – Beta 105 (12th July 2022)

v1.2.1 – Beta 119 (2nd Nov 2022)

v1.3.1 Beta 11 – March 20th 2023

v1.3.1 Beta 46 – March 20th 2023

  • Flyout for DualSense Adaptive triggers in device monitor
  • Added PS5 Input/Output labels
  • Added New Communication Library
  • Fixed ‘Device not responding’ issues
  • Fixed Issue with Zen Studio device synchronization
  • Fixed Various visual bugs
  • Fixed Dozens of code optimizations
  • Fixed GPC Compiler: Issue with const int32 multi array.
  • Fixed GPC Compiler: various typos and optimizations

v1.5.0 Build 24 – November 30th 2023

See the changelog notes for Zen Studio – v1.5.0 (Build 24) here including download.

Beta versions of firmware and software may be unstable and have a few minor problems, known as bugs. A condition of joining the program is that you agree to share feedback about any bugs you find and help the team test, diagnose and resolve these bugs and any other issues that you, and others may find.

Don’t be surprised if you’re banned from the beta if you’re inexperienced and have no idea what you’re doing.